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The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) changed Bangladeshi cricket team kit as it composed to the colour of the Pakistan Cricket Team as severe protests of the fans.

The introduced kit was completely green, which was generally incorporated into the team’s kit in general.

After kit revealed, Bangladesh cricket fans attacked BCB on social media websites and stated that the kit’s appearances same Pakistan’s kit.
Bangladesh Cricket Board Chairman Najam-ul-Hasan seems to be angry after fans declared it same as Pakistan’s kit.
While he was talking to press conference, he said that this kit is clearly written in ‘Bangladeshi’, how can you confuse it with Pakistan’s cut?
He also said that despite seeing the image of ‘Tigers’ and national team logo on the kit, if anyone thinks that it is Pakistan’s cut, I think that person should go to Pakistan.

According to the Cricinfo report, Najam Hussain said he and other boards official sat down and reviewed the kit.
Continuing his point, he said we felt a scarcity of red, then decided to change the national team’s kit.
According to Cricinfo the provided the kit design is under International Cricket Council (ICC) rules, green colour with names and numbers written in red.

The ICC had rejected initial kit due to difficulties in reading, afterwards the design of full green kit adopted in which the names of the players were written in white colour.
BCB President Najam ul-Hasan said that because of the fierce opposition of fans, the BCB changed the design of the team in a rigid manner and had to add the red colour. The Bangladesh cricket team will their first match of ICC cricket world cup against South Africa.

On the other hand, in the survey conducted by the Cricinfo reported that the first complete green cut kit was one of the best kits in Bangladeshi cricket history. The fans voted highest for the green jersey as the best jersey for 2019, as totally voted 36 per cent.
In addition, the 2015 world cup kit was 2nd best according to Bangladeshi cricket fans.